Ariana And The Rose
Get to know this Brooklyn pop outsider...

Brooklyn's Ariana And The Rose makes the kind of other-worldly synth pop that feels hewn from dreams.

Each new release feels even more bold than the last, matching dazzling melody against a ground-breaking sense of style.

New single 'Night Owl' finds Ariana And The Rose entering 2019 on breathtaking form, a crisp synth pop burner that feels immediately infectious.

Clash sat down with Ariana to find out a few of her Influences...

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Creating 'Night Owl' was the emotional equivalent of chopping all your hair off. I went into the studio with producer Stuart Crichton and just wanted to write something that felt powerful, whimsical and joyous all at once.

The song feels like a window that sits between one phase of my life, opened to a new much more positive place...

Donna Summer - 'I Feel Love'

The synths in this song continually inspire me. Everything about the composition, the arpeggiators, the airy vocals the melodies, the whole soundscape feels like it swirls around you. It has such a powerful energy. I come back to this song almost every time I write, always striving to make music that feels as visceral as I Feel Love.  

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Michael Jackson - 'Get On The Floor'

The bass line in this song is everything. Really, Michael Jackson on the whole has been a huge influence recently. I’ve always loved to his records but lately I’ve been listening to more of the details. The composition of his songs are so intricate yet simple at the same time and his vocal performances are a masterclass.

This song just makes your whole body want to move as soon as it starts. 

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Prince - 'I Wanna Be Your Lover'

Prince’s melodies are in my mind every time I sit down to write. His falsetto has influenced entire genres of music. This song is my favourite of his, I love how playful the groove is and the bounce and lightness in his vocals.

The essence of his music is something that has always struck me, it’s sexy and strong and ambiguous all at the same time, he was truly ahead of his time. 

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Robyn - 'Dancing On My Own'

She’s my forever inspiration. The lush quality of the synths in all of her production is something I’m always striving her. 'Dancing On My Own' hits home so hard because it’s this amazing mix of heartbreaking lyrics and melody and dance floor synths and beats.

I’ve always strived to make music that feels like catharsis, something that lets you cry it out on the dancefloor. Robyn has been that artist for me.

- - -

Gwen Stefani - 'Bubble Pop Electric'

'Love Angel Music Baby' was the height of Gwen Stefani’s pop icon status. She is this perfect blend of bold and cool, that’s definitely something we strived for in writing and creating 'Night Owl'. She creates music that is out and out pop but is also filled with this cool kid attitude.

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