Arctic Monkeys-Mogwai-Flaming Lips

13 - Mar 06
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Arctic Monkeys “We always knew we had something about us”

In the week of its release, the Arctic Monkeys’ debut album,‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’, sold 363,735 copies. Not only did it go straight to Number 1, but it also sold more than the rest of the Top 20 put together.

Mogwai Beauties and the Beast

It’s a given amongst the Mogwaiscenti that despite the band’s constant string of innovative and often great releases, they’ve never really bettered their 1997 opus ‘Young Team1. So, where does a band go after issuing forth such a seminal statement of seething foment?

Flaming Lips The Real Fight Test

Goodbye pink robots, hello wizards: Oklahoma’s craziest sons, the Flaming Lips, are back with their 11th album, a new sound and a hefty dose of politics. As they prepare to unleash ‘At War With The Mystics’, head Lip Wayne Coyne invited Clash into his world.

Graham Coxon Reckless Affection

Although finding fame with Blur it was only when striking out alone that Graham Coxon really found himself. Noticeably happier and contented, he reaches his sixth solo album, ‘Love Travels At Illegal Speeds’ with a renewed vigour and sounds more driven than ever.

The Concretes Solid as a rock

It’s an archetypal January day in the modish capital, but somewhere among this chilly throng is a group of sonic pioneers who, dissatisfied with such grey ennui, are blossoming in radiant hues and painting a rainbow over tired silver landscapes. The Concretes are back to warm your hearts.

Snow Patrol Bowman does Lightbody

For many who bought the album ‘Final Straw,’ it was their introduction to the band Snow Patrol. I first heard the album after singer Gary Lightbody asked Colin Murray to mull over what was going to be the band’s third album.

Roots Manuva Deep, Down and Deconstructed

“With a song like ‘Witness’, I want them to bring out the spaceship, bring out the space-ship, come on! I want it to sound like you’re off your head on 20 pills of LSD. Bring out that psychedelic tendency.” Roots Manuva’s instructions to his band can seem, as he can, alternatively deep.

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