Issue 56/December 2010
Clash Magazine Issue 56 with Arcade Fire

Featured in this issue…

Arcade Fire From the suburbs to the World

The Montreal seven-piece’s frontman Win Butler, his wife and multi-instrumentalist Régine Chassagne and drummer Jeremy Gara talk to Clash about taking a year-long break, why they wanted to make a record about their teenage upbringings now and how the search for a simpler sound led to an unusual mix

Radiohead 10 years of 'Kid A'

Ten years ago, one of the most influential and innovative British albums of all time was released. Join us as we celebrate a decade of Radiohead’s masterpiece, ‘Kid A’.

John Legend Fighting for his rights

John Legend may not look it, but he’s angry. Predominantly, his anguish lies in a deep sense of frustration with how America has become so lackadaisical post-‘change’.

Fleet Foxes On their second album

After spending nearly eight months holed up in their newly acquired Seattle studio, the band announced the completion of their second album. But they were a little premature in doing so. After heading over to New York, they are currently in lockdown mode, busy putting the finishing touches to it.

RUN D.M.C. Rev Run gets righteous

Founding member of hip-hop legends Run-D.M.C, Rev Run can truly say he is a pioneer of both music and fashion. Now a minister, solo artist and producer, his experience of the music industry is unique.

Ray Davies Gets kinky with famous friends

What’s your favourite Kinks song? Everybody’s got one. For his new album, Ray Davies asked a few famous friends the very same question...

Avey Tare Animal Collective’s crucial component gets swampy

As one of the founding members of the universally lauded experimental noise-pop group he is gearing up to release his debut solo album, entitled ‘Down There’. Despite what he says, it is a pretty weird affair – though that’s certainly not to its detriment.

Album Spotlight

George Harrison - All Things Must Pass

“Not only does ‘All Things Must Pass’ show Harrison to be a versatile song writer, but it allowed him to branch out emotionally and spiritually.”

Personality Clash

Kele Vs Gary Numan

The two electro-heads meet up

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