Alex Niggemann
German selector names some key milestones...

Five years is a long time in club culture.

Venues come and go, styles change, entire genres shift, find focus, then melt away, never to be heard from again.

Back in 2013, German selector Alex Niggemann had an idea for “a label that mirrors diversity” and, with this firmly in mind, he minted AEON.

Since then, the label has notched up some incredible achievements, building a truly global roster that reflects the myriad voices in the electronic underground.

Toasting five years in the game, a new compilation matches AEON highlights against some brand new tracks.

Here, Alex Niggemann tells the story of the imprint through five vital releases...

- - -

Speaking Minds - 'Yaounde' (AEON014)

We could have started with Cat. No.1, or the first big seller, but as this label is about its diversity of artists and music, I feel we should start with one of the two artists (besides me - Alex Niggemann) who have been on board almost since day one.

Speaking Minds ‘Yaounde’ was one of the tracks that put AEON on the radar in its early days. The main synth melody lets you float on a trip. While heavy beats built the contrasts and fundamental elements for an epic journey.

Very simple… Very catchy! Very effective!

- - -

Alex Niggemann - 'Divergent' (AEON018)

It’s not possible to talk about AEON releases without mentioning ‘Divergent’. This track is the most popular track on AEON so far in terms of profile and sales, as it got super hyped by many tastemakers including Tale Of Us who championed it before its release.

There’s probably other tracks that would represent ‘the AEON sound’ much better than this track like ‘Angular’, ‘Fences’ or ‘Abaton’, but this one really connected. It was a Beatport Techno Number one, and it put AEON firmly the map.

- - -

Denis Horvat - 'Lodi' (AEON029)

I feel that, much of the time, the tracks that stay in people's minds are the break through tracks, or big hits. Denis is the second of the two artists that have been with AEON since day one.

Since then Denis has released six EPs and contributed twice on our Lost Tapes Series. Lodi (his sixth EP) was his breakthrough moment, and from then on labels all over the scene started jumping on him… which led him to release EPs on Innervisions and Afterlife. The melody and long break of ‘Lodi’ make this track so remarkable.

- - -

Anii - 'Magic' (AEON035)

When I heard Anii’s music for the first time on her EP on Kompakt, I was surprised that I hadn’t heard of her before, such was the quality. I reached out to her and we quickly signed an EP to AEON. ‘Magic’ got support throughout the scene straight away as it is an absolute banger. She’s really talented, a great producer, incredible DJ and a very energetic ball of infectious energy.

- - -

'5 Years Compilation' (AEON036)

Last but not least, we come to our anniversary release. I could have chosen any of the tracks featured, as there are so many goodies in here.

I’m happy we could get so many great tracks together for this. The inner core (TVA & Speaking Minds), new talents like Uriah Klapter, Omri Smadar, Third Son and artists that have released on AEON earlier like Echonomist, Radeckt or LPZ (aka. P.Lopez).

As I had to chose one track here, I have to highligh Kincaid’s track. He’s the latest addition to our label. A very big talent, with a very unique style, releasing his debut EP in January.

Just listen yourself to understand what I mean. ‘Gibberish’ is a weapon.

- - -

'5 Years Compilation' is out now - buy it HERE.

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