German producer returns...

Part of the reason for Turbo's resurgence has been the way the label can coax unexpected performances from established producers.

Take Zombie Nation: responsible for more than his fair share of massive tracks, the German beatsmith continues to impress. Those main room anthems are still in place, but the machinery, the engine work under the bonnet has been radically altered.

Continuing to push himself forward, new album 'RGB' is a real statement of intent. Liberally pillaging the history of electronic music, Zombie Nation brings his experience to the forefront on fourteen tracks which run the gamut between house, techno and electro.

Yet there's a sense of naivety, of chance here which is difficult to shrug off. Zombie Nation sounds like he's having fun, shattering preconceptions and proving that he remains more than capable of holding his own with far younger producers.

Fancy a preview? Well ClashMusic have gained the exclusive stream of 'RGB' a week ahead of its release. Listen to it below, then let us know your thoughts!

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'RGB' is out on December 10th.


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