Fragile, introspective, psychedelic musings...

Velvet Morning is a project helmed by 20 year old Samuel Jones.

Still remarkably young, the songwriter has released a series of tracks, each exhibiting a rare, poignant sense of control which manifests itself in clouds, in billowing wisps of introverted psychedelia.

Augmented by band members Charlie Carmichael, Jordan Dreadman and John Kirkwood, the group have been able to focus their creative faculties on a full length album.

'Gorilla' is set to be released through EXAG/ RIP Records on June 30th, an intoxicating offering from Velvet Morning. Fractured psychedelic which seems to shift and evolve in kaleidoscopic fashion, the sounds whip past amidst tumbling poetic lyrics.

Clash is able to stream the album in its entirety - a gorgeous listen, you can tune in below.

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