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The Slow Show

The Slow Show have been through it all together.

Five musicians, five friends, the band have grown up together, moved through some of the most important things life can through at you.

And it's all there in new album 'Dream Darling'. Out now via Haldern Pop Recordings, the Manchester group are confident enough in themselves to express their own individuality.

To expect some rough hewn moments alongside pop melodicism, some sparse moments alongside lush tapestries.

Fellow Manchester based artist Kesha Ellis guests on two devastating tracks, with The Slow Show drawing on the full depths of their experience.

Clash has obtained the full stream, alongside a track by track guide. Get acquainted below.

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STRANGERS NOW - is about trying to understand how relationships can change so suddenly, dramatically, diversely. How easily people become estranged after such intimacy and reliance on one another. It's a song about fragility.

HURTS - a song about lonely men and working girls, about obsession, lust and addiction. A stark take on reality.

ORDINARY LIVES - All of our lives changed whilst we were writing 'Dream Darling'. Ordinary Lives was our way of trying to celebrate those changes no matter how heartbreaking or unfair they seemed. It was our way of finding optimism in loss and euphoria in change.

LULLABY - 'If this is England that I see, then all your values are foreign to me. And your blue, blue, blue dress on the table reminds me dear. There's no hope in leaving here. Tonight we're blind. Tonight we're falling behind’

DRY MY BONES - is a hopeless, tired promise 'Don't cry, I'll try and dry my Bones in the morning', one lots of people unfortunately will relate to.

THIS TIME - is a song about new beginnings. It's an optimistic, hopeful idea, that no one learns anything from things working out but, This time…

BRAWLING TONIGHT - is a dreamlike account of barmy Manchester evenings and film like street fights. It's a romanticised vision of a city at night and the people in it.

LAST MAN STANDING - a heartbreaking account of somebody being left at the altar on their wedding day.

BREAKS TODAY - is a song about Love and Loss and the end of things. It's a one sided but genuine account of heartbreak which has a finality that felt very cathartic at the time it was written.

BRICK - is our way to remember a friend and father.

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