Hidden gems from the psych underworld...
'Neither Virtue Nor Anger'

If you decide to name your band Sonic Jesus then you're going to need to back it up with something special.

Thankfully, this Italian psych collective have the skills to back up their moniker. Lauded by The Black Angels, the band have shared stages with Damo Suzuki and collaborated with iconic Icelandic artist Jón Sæmundur aka Nonni Dead of Dead Skeletons.

A well kept secret in the psychedelic underworld, Sonic Jesus are set to release new album 'Neither Virtue Nor Anger' on April 16th via Fuzz Club Records.

Reminiscent of The Brian Jonestown Massacre's drawn out lysergic jams or Spacemen 3's more evil, twisted side, 'Neither Virtue Nor Anger' is a hypnotic work.

Guitar effects rise and swirl, with Sonic Jesus shifting from sparse post-punk to wyrd folk in the stomp of a pedal. Featuring the artwork of the artwork of prominent Italian artist Mirco Marcacci, it's a quite singular release.

Clash is able to premiere 'Neither Virtue Nor Anger' – check it out now.

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