Bass producer delivers emphatic new album...

Silkie came of age just as UK garage began to collapse and fragment.

Absorbing as much music as he could, the producer took particular inspiration from the more left field elements of hip-hop and the sounds emanating from London's myriad pirate stations.

Reaching prominence during dubstep's first flowering following support from the likes of Mala, debut album 'City Limits' remains one of the most inspiring full lengths coughed up by that era.

Continuing to progress, new album 'Fractals' will be released on July 14th via Distal’s newly minted Science Fiction imprint Anarchostar.

Toying with new ideas, tempos and BPMs, Silkie is expanding ever outwards, but those initial influences still remain. A playful yet at times challenging record, 'Fractals' feels like a glimpse of something new.

Clash is able to bring you the new record before anyone else - check it out now.

'Fractals' is due to be released on July 14th. Pre-orders: North America // Rest Of The World

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