Swedish indie pop legends re-unite...

Red Sleeping Beauty were part of the first wave of Swedish indie pop, musicians who helped establish a lineage whose influence can still be felt.

The band parted ways some time ago, but were recently drawn back into each other's orbit. Conversations were had, rehearsals were completed, and - before they were ever aware of it - Red Sleeping Beauty became a reborn entity.

Named after a McCarthy song, Red Sleeping Beauty match their forbears knack of cutting lyricism against beautiful melody.

New album 'Kristina' is their first in 19 years, and it picks up effortlessly from when they left off. The album title is a tribute to band-member Kristina Borg, who struggled with cancer but is now on the road to recovery.

Niklas Angergård explains: “The writing and recording process has never been more inspiring and 'Kristina' is about ten times better than anything we’ve done in the past. You’ve only just seen the beginning of Red Sleeping Beauty 2.0!”

Out on June 17th, you can listen to the album below, then check out a track-by-track guide penned by Niklas Angergård after the jump.

Cheryl, Cheryl, Bye
Started out as a very unassuming instrumental we were ready to throw away. Now we see it as maybe our most beautiful moment so far, where The Field Mice and Fleetwood Mac meet.

Yes, we borrowed the intro from O.M.D. 'Enola Gay'! The first single from Kristina and one of the first songs we recorded for the album. It’s labelled "Explicit" on Spotify, a fact we are really proud of.

Tell Me More
The most straightforward capital letters POP SONG on the album. I am surprisingly fond of the simple lyrics around a dance floor encounter.

Mi Amor
This song should have won the Eurovison Song Contest (cheezy 180 million viewers show) for Spain in the 60s or 70s. It was the last recording Kristina did before she got her cancer diagnosis, so it carries some extra emotions. She is now better!

In The Darkest Hour
We talk about it as “our Kraftwerk song”. It’s obviously not, but still maybe my favourite music on the album. It works surprisingly well as an acoustic ballad (we have tried!), so I guess it’s a good song.

Breaking Up Is Easy
I remember exactly where the melody and the lyrics were written. On a beautiful, secluded beach in Thailand. Still, it somehow sounds urban. Intro is a gentle nod to The Cure.

Merry Christmas, Marie
The very first song we tried to record after getting back together after nearly two decades. First try was as a classic guitar / bass / drums pop song. Boring! Later re-recorded in our new “only analogue synthesisers and one acoustic guitar” style.

If You Want Affection
We are all big fans of early Pet Shop Boys and Depeche Mode and this is most likely as close to that sound as we will ever get. Accompanied by a very cool, we think, video directed by the Swedish sneaker brand Mucker (www.mucker.se).

Don’t Give In, Don’t Give Up
The mid-tempo, MOR song on the album. Originally demoed for my other band, Acid House Kings. This version fits the sentimental melody better.

I Am The Artist
Almost a track for the dancefloor with 80s octave bass and synth trumpet and all! In a love / hate relationship with the metaphorical chorus lyrics: “I am the artist and you are my song. You’re easily forgotten, now we all sing along”.

- - -

Catch Red Sleeping Beauty's first ever live show in the UK at the Indietracks Festival in Derbyshire (July 29th - 31st)

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