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Joey Fourr

Joey Fourr are a little odd. Difficult to place, the trio are not quite pop but not quite left field, they're not quite psych but not quite indie.

As we said, they're a little odd. New album 'To The Floorr' will be released – perhaps appropriately – on April 1st, with recording taking place at East London meeting point Power Lunches and Bermondsey's now-demolished Good Job studios.

Following some 11 (eleven!) Eps, 'To The Floorr' finds Joey Fourr working at full flow. A supremely creative, infuriatingly catchy and downright odd release, you can check it out below before catching a track-by-track guide.

My Dolphins
I wanted to write a song about dolphins and baseball seemed to be an exotic enough sport for the dolphin to be playing. I hope you enjoy the bridge where the dolphin tells me what it's like living under the sea.

Gold Boy
Listening to old records passed down, then as the music plays the makeout commences and soon enough the boy stands up to unzip trousers and looks similar to the cover of 'Sticky Fingers' by Rolling Stones as the song plays in the background and smiling.

Was originally called 'Frootz' but then I preferred the feel and look of 'Jewels' so I changed it. Never thought I'd get the lines "hanging flower baskets in Spain" but am so relieved I did, for the world to scoop up into your ears and enjoy.

Dirty Hole
The whole song is a celebration of the non-sensical and we get wet in the verse which feels kinda sensual it feels good.

Cross Dresser
Honestly, sometimes you gotta just say what you want, don't fence it up inside yourself and let it out and no one will think you the fool you believe you are. Jack's hi-hats are crackers on this song.

'Mickey' is about Annie from 'Smooth Criminal'. Annie is a trans-woman, she goes to a club and sings Cher songs with Ruby Waters our favourite drag queen. Mickey is, and always will be, still inside of her though, how could she forget a night like that?

Luv Is In The Mornin
My cousin likes this song. They are married with one child and she works at Gatwick airport - her mum told me she doesn't like music but likes this song. My friend also likes this song, they play in three really good bands at night and is a literary translator by day. I'm not trying to say this song is for everyone but basically, yeah: if you don't like music, you might like this song.

To be able to play in three bands, you definitely, definitely don't like music that much. You go full circle at that point.

Witch Hunt
This was the only song which seemed appropriate for me to use the word 'freedom' in a song, which I had never thought I could get away with before... so I used it five times. There is also a very simple maths sum in there - feels silly, feels good.

Avg Palms
The only song with all three of us singing. Plus this person who keeps following us around everywhere called Rosie, she plays in a band called 'Spank Your Ballet' or something - really wicked, check them out.

I forgot to make the chorus major instead of minor. Damn. It was supposed to be all uplifting and happy but I just forgot so, erm, sorry about that.

Soak It Up
The first line was supposed to be "two moons" but I sung "two rooves" for some reason and forgot to re-record it - the original version has the correct lyrics if you can find that online somewhere. I think it was about 4am when I was recording all the vocals so it must have slipped me by. If you'd like to sing along though, please feel free to sing "two rooves" - although "two moons" is definitely better - but you do what you want. Moema's vocals make this song, so, so much better than I could ever do.

Boys II Girls
The cushioned seat was based on the seating inside Power Lunches, however I noticed the other day the cushions are actually blue and not grey, so yet another fab bonus point for Joey getting confused, singing about it and making concrete factual inaccuracies.

My favourite song on the entire album, only on the vinyl/cassette version, I think.

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