Adam Freeland

Grammy nominated remixer speaks...

Dance music rarely gets given the credit it deserves.

Try as they might, some of the most inventive producers on the planet will never reach the prominence of blokes with guitars. Which made Adam Freeland’s recent Grammy nomination all the more unlikely.

Twisting and turning Sarah Vaughan’s rendition of ‘Fever’ until she resembled a house diva, Freeland’s music has always criss-crossed boundaries with rare aplomb. Where some see divisions, Adam Freeland sees only an opportunity to have a party.

Formerly a Brighton lad the DJ now spends most of his time in Los Angeles, but can’t resist the call of his homeland. Set to play Get Loaded In The Park this weekend (August 30th) Adam Freeland took time out to speak to ClashMusic ahead of another titanic set in the capital…

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What have we rudely disturbed you from in order to do this interview?
Its 3.55 am and my manager just called me to tell me I had to have this in NOW! So a good night’s sleep!

You’re just about to release your new artist album ‘Cope’, your first in six years. What can we expect from the album?
It’s a mash of my influences from shoegaze indie rock to bad ass electronic dancefloorness. A shoegaze dance party if you will.

Why has it taken six years to release your new album? Was this a harder/longer album to produce?
Or have you been busy with other projects in the meantime? Just been crazy busy being a touring artist really. Got married, got unmarried, had a few hiccups along the way, wrote the album twice. Ya know, the usual artist story.

What’s your favourite tune off the album?
It varies a lot. ‘Mancry’ perhaps.

Tell us about the live set up?
It’s Kurt Baumann our front man on vocals and bass guitar, Hayden Scott on drums (who hits so hard it’s been said he’s like John Bonham re-incarnated) and me doing keyboards, FX, computer stuff and some vocals.

How did you first get into DJing?
How old were you when you started out? I was 18 and I’d just moved to London to be a student. We were clubbing every night and my flat mate had decks and I just got hooked on it.

What did you DJ back then?
I played a mixture of deep US house to hip house and electro (what was then electro/real electro).

Your remix of Sarah Vaughan’s ‘Fever’ was nominated for a Grammy and your personally requested mix of The Doors ‘Hello, I Love You’ has received critical acclaim. What’s been your proudest achievement to date?
I just did a remix for Queen which I’m pretty stoked about. But I think this album Cope is by far my most accomplished work.

You run your own record label Marine Parade. How’s it all going?
Good, we have a stronger release schedule than we have ever had. Our boy Alex Metric is really blowing up, the Evil Nine album has been well received and they’ve been busy touring with the live band and there’s a great buzz around this dubstep/electronica act we just signed from California called ‘Panty Raid’. They are sick!

Was it tricky when everything went ‘digital’?
Yeah, it’s tricky trying to make it work on a business level now that most people don’t want to pay for music. We sell pretty well on Beatport and iTunes etc but I have expensive taste and always spend a lot on artwork etc. So it’s not easy.

How do you decide which tunes you’ll sign up to the label?
I just have to love it. I don’t like disposable music which I find a lot of electronic music is. There’s too much pollution in the world I want to contribute ART! So I’m always trying to sign acts who have long term vision and produce quality music that works beyond just the dancefloor and will stand the test of time. Really tight production is very important to me too.

Are you/the label still based in Brighton?
I live between Los Angeles and Brighton. But the label is run out of Bristol as that’s where my management team are.

Are you a supporter of the mighty Brighton & Hove Albion like a certain Mr Fatboy Slim?
To be honest . I’m one of the few Brits who really couldn’t give a fark about supporting a football team. I love the game but just don’t buy into the hysteria.

How do you find the time to fit all your projects in?
It’s a 24/7 juggle! Blackberry’s n’ laptops help but I don’t know if I do find time to do it all. I have good (patient!) people around me who help a lot.

You’ve remixed so many songs over the years, are there any tunes around at the moment you’d like to remix?
There a few tracks on the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s record that I’ve been meaning to remix.

And is there anyone in particular who you’d like to do a collaboration with?
I’d love to work with Bat for Lashes, Josh Homme, Kevin Shields. And more stuff with Nick Cave. I did one mix for him (No Pussy Blues), but met him the other day and just itching to do more stuff with him.

Favourite festival drink and snack?
A hip flask of fine quality Tequila and a good wholesome pie.

What’s next for Freeland?
A summer of festie tours, a tour with Spinnerette, just today started work on the next record and hopefully some Sleeeeeeep!

Words by Paul Stix

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