A Trip Down Memory Lane With ALISHA

Digging into her clubbing roots...

For ALISHA, club culture means everything. Dance music literally changed her life, completely altering her path in the process.

Starting as a waitress in her native Peterborough, she’s grown to become a force to be reckoned with, both as a producer and as a DJ. Drawn into the orbit of Jamie Jones and his ever-impeccable Hot Creations imprint, she released her absolute anthem ‘Changes’ earlier this year.

Jamie Jones took his renowned night Paradise to the Drumsheds in North London over the weekend, curating a glittering list of guest DJs. Naturally, ALISHA was there – and she shelled it, drilling out classic after classic to the capacity crowd.

Here, ALISHA looks at her clubbing roots, saluting the enduring influence of Jamie Jones, Hot Creations, and Paradise on her own work.

Andrea Oliva – ‘Scream’

I remember going to my first Paradise party in Ibiza at DC10. I heard this track for the first time and it honestly blew me away. Something about it really gripped me, the bassline of course. It was just such a special moment seeing the crowd erupt not knowing what the track was. Fast forward to it then becoming one of the most successful records around, and also timeless! 

East End Dubs – ‘Warped Riddim’

Seeing Jamie Jones B2B Joseph Capriati for the first time and they closed the DC10 terrace playing for about five hours. Still to this day one of the best sets I’ve ever seen and this track was played alongside an acapella in the breakdown.

It really defined that Paradise sound in that moment and what it was all about for me. Another video I watch back A LOT! 

Azari & III – ‘Hungry For The Power’ (Jamie Jones Ridge Street Mix)

An absolute classic and always will be such an amazing record that signifies Hot Creations and Paradise.

Hearing this live from Jamie for the first time was at We Are FSTVL only a couple years ago. I’ve never heard him play it and it was the most euphoric moment, everyone just looked so happy. And I remember my best friend saying I’ll be playing the Paradise stage next year at a festival, and he was right. A surreal moment indeed. 

Patrick Topping – ‘Forget’

Can’t beat the old school sounds of Patrick Topping. Every time I went to a Paradise back in the day I knew I’d be hearing this record. It really signified where I was in that moment.

One of them iconic records, again on Hot Creations, that will never get old… and I’d love to play it one day as a huge throwback. Can’t beat it! 

ALISHA – ‘Changes’

And I can’t help but mention my own record as it’s really helped me massively in my journey to playing for Paradise. It was released this year on Hot Creations and the inspiration behind it was them early paradise mornings on the terrace at amnesia with a vocal hook doing the work.

Since this I’ve gone onto play seven shows for them this year. I’m grateful to Jamie Jones and the Paradise team for believing in my sound. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

Photo Credit: Daisy Denham

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