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A Place To Bury Strangers

A new week, some new singles. You know how this (generally) works by now: we tend to get an artist to review the others, those putting songs out. It’s nice that way, eh? We think so.

This time, it’s A Place To Bury Strangers in the guest reviewer(s) role. The New York-based noise-rock trio appeared at Reverence Festival at the weekend (check out a related playlist here) and are currently putting the finishing touches on their fourth LP – a follow-up to 2012’s most excellently ears-popping ‘Worship’.

The initials below, they stand for Oliver Ackermann, Dion Lunadon and Robi Gonzalez, for they are APTBS. Before we get into their words, here’s ‘You Are The One’, from ‘Worship’.

- - -

Mapei – ‘Change’

O: Let me just start off by saying that if you had any part in any of these videos, don’t listen to what we have to say. You will be saddened by our dislike for this culture.
R: The video has this twee Juno vibe. It should probably be some trash in a laser dance club.
D: No comment.
O: The poor people who are holding up these signs have to be a part of this.

- - -

Vance Joy – ‘First Time’

O: Once it starts I kind of feel sick.
D: So generic. Maroon 5 fans would love this.
R: That dude is ripped. Is he in the band? Sorry, we can’t even watch the whole video.

- - -

Bellowhead – ‘Let Her Run’

R: Mighty Mighty Bosstones? Oh my god.
O: Where do these people come from?
D: It has a Celtic vibe, doesn't it? God, are you really doing this? Probably the best one so far, because it is a little more memorable. Leftfield. It reminds me of a girl in primary school that I had a crush on. She had pale white skin, auburn hair, and she would dance amongst swords. It reminds me of that dance.

- - -

Joel Compass – ‘Girlfriends’

R: Ba ha. Babez.
O: Maybe we are at the mall, shopping for pants.
D: This is my least favourite so far. This reminds me of douches in the club.

- - -

Marianne Faithfull – ‘Sparrows Will Sing’

D: This is the best so far. The most relevant and believable video with any substance. She sounds like she did in the ’80s, ‘Broken English’ era. The thing I always like about Marianne Faithfull is the words that she sings are always believable. She is in to it.
O: Starts with this awesome sound, like a subway car screeching to a halt at a station. What a breath of fresh air. I could listen to this any time.
R: I like the Super-8-looking footage.

- - -

Paul Rudd – ‘Night & Day’

R: This can’t be the actor, right? This would be a better video for the first few songs. I like animals.
O: Modernised computer synth Herbie Hancok-er Ableton man.
D: Video works good with the song. Ollie really likes this one.
O: This song is vile, but it just isn’t something I would listen to. The video is amazing, though. Well done.
R: The video makes the music less repetitive. I was kinda bummed it wasn’t the actor Paul Rudd.
D: Yeah, I was kind of disappointed.

- - -

Words: A Place To Bury Strangers
Photo: Emily Berger

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