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David C Clements

Autumn has rolled around fast and as were all getting ready to hibernate for winter, here is a few local bands that will heat you up on those long cold nights that are approaching.

First up we have a few fresh faces to the scene that call themselves Little Bear. Little Bear hail from Derry and after forming little over a year ago have released a preview to their upcoming EP in the form of "I'd let you win". The four piece have a very Elliot Smith feel about them with their brooding lyrics and laidback tempo. Vocalist Steven McCool's vocal cords do an excellent job of conveying the beautiful evoking elements of each track. Check out some of the bands tracks here to see for yourselves the beauty of Little Bear.

Next up I bring you the mighty Fighting With Wire who have just released their new album 'Colonel Blood'. The album is full of filthy riffs, epic hooks, catchy chorus's and whole lot more music full of meaty lyrics. I would expect nothing less from one of NI's favourite exports and if you like your NI rock, then this album is for you. Stand out track for me would have to be "I won't let you down", a bit different from the average Fighting With Wire musical offering which is a nice little surprise on the album, with its simple lyrics and catchy little hook. It's hard to choose just a few tracks on this album, as quite simply I find the entire thing pretty darn epic. However, if I really had to choose another it would be "Plug me in" based on the overwhelming state that is the curse of "reality TV celebrity". The song is pretty clever with its lyrics at summing up what you can catch on the box "every vampire sucking on a Friday night, another satire killing us one at a time" that mixed with some pretty tight guitars makes this tune one of the highlights on my playlist. Check out the band here.

For you now we have the amazing David C. Clements who certainly makes his presence known on the Northern Ireland scene. A man who has been playing up and down the country all year but still makes every show seem like it's your first time experiencing his music. Clements is a must for all the lovers of alternative folk rock, with tracks such as "The longest day in history" you get to experience the pure magic that is the beauty of David C. Clements vocals. His music has me in awe at the lingering ethereal atmosphere of each offering that comes from Clements and his band. Check out some of his music via the link below.

A favourite band of mine at the moment is the fascinating punk rock trio Comply or Die, with their ferocious riffs and thunderous drumming. The band have recently released a brand new powerful double A-side single entitled 'Sixes/Three Suns'. If you like you're punk hard and fast check these guys out HERE.

Right a few little musical fiddly bits here. The awesome Runaway Go have released a brand new single/ Video created by the ruddy talented creative people of Big Bad Llama. 'Jump Start' is as catchy and infectious as you would expect any offering from the fabulous Runaway Go. Give it a little look below.

A bit of a random one here Paul Archer a local singer songwriter, who has lent his vocals to a few Snow Patrol tracks in his time, has recorded a pretty little single called 'Recovery'. An empowering and deeply moving song with a beautiful thought provoking melody. Have a little gander below.

A clever little musical venture is the next thing I want to share with you called 'Gifted Live' an online music show, having been running now for a good few months its going from strength to strength. Held in The Empire Music Hall in Belfast, the premise for it is to hear your favourite local bands without having to leave your home. Broadcast live and streamed for free every month, Gifted Live is an excellent way for all the people who cannot make it over to NI, to experience the best we have to offer from our side of the world in the comfort of your own house. Catch the live show on the link to have a look at some of the best loved NI bands.

Right my fellow music lovers that's it for another month, remember to wrap up your ears warm in these colder months and check back in next time, for now keep on listening...... 

Photo by Darren Anderson

Words by Dorothy Lawrence


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