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Diamond Rings

It’s time to dust off your favourite sweater-weather playlist, because winter is creeping in with a whole slew of new Canadian music to keep you warm at night! 

A blushing Lesley Feist won the well-deserved $30,000 Polaris Music Prize back in September. Her album was at the forefront of a competitive line up including the frenetic sounds of Japandroids, the electro mellows of Grimes, and Toronto’s R&B favourite Drake. 36-year-old Feist proved to be the perfect candidate for the Polaris Prize, modest with just the right amount of vigor. With more and more Canadians touring internationally, Feist is just one of the many performing artists underscoring the significant achievements in Canada’s music scene. 

Feist: The Bad In Each Other Music Video

With fall trailing behind us, November, or should we say Movember, brings new awareness to bands such as The Mohawk Lodge, featuring Ryder Havdale, who is sporting a fierce mustache for the occasion and cause.  Following a year of European tours, the Vancouver natives released their highly acclaimed LP, Damaged Goods last month. The album has reaped international success, selling a sound that pieces together the remnants of Bruce Springsteen, early 90s rock, and a hint of Neil Young. Mohawk Lodge has performed alongside The Constantines, Les Savy Fav, Japandroids and Handsome Furs, just to name a few.

You can take a listen right here:

In other news, Toronto’s Weeknd will drop his highly acclaimed Trilogy on November 13th.  The album is expected to include viral single, “Twenty-Eight” in addition to an assortment of 2011 releases. To prove his hold on the Toronto community The Weeknd just played 5 sold out shows in a row at the Sound Academy. Talk about cash money. And this in a time when every band wants to complain about "nobody going to shows anymore".

Other artists such as John O’Regan, otherwise known as Diamond Rings, captures the spotlight after touring alongside electro pop queen, Robyn over the past year. Following his November 7th performance on The Tonight Show, Diamond Rings' latest album, Free Dimensional, is a combination of tranquil angst, moody vocals and a synthpop feel. Diamond Rings is one of the many artists who are part of the nu-rave wave hitting Toronto hard right now.

Purity Ring’s bass pop feel is also gaining international attention this year, after the Halifax/Montreal duo’s release of Shrines. Since the album's release, Corin Roddick and Megan James have made tremendous leaps, collaborating with Detroit’s Danny Brown in their new single, “Bellispeak II”.

And of course I couldn't wrap this up without some east coast love! SoHo Ghetto combine orchestra energy with Eastern charm. The calming collective are perfect for the change in seasons. Nominated for best new Artist and Group Recording of the Year at the Nova Scotia Music Awards, SoHo prepares for flight as new opportunities bring the band to venues from Toronto to Halifax. 

I will be attending M for Montreal festival next week! You can grab a free mixtape of all the great music they are presenting right over here: The mixtape features amazing tracks from Canadian gems Young Galaxy, Rah Rah, Folly and the Hunter, and many others!

Enjoy the fall! And don't forget to tweet me your music tips! @SARIDELMAR!

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Sari Delmar is president of a Canadian artist development, marketing, and management company called Audio Blood. Delmar spent years freelance writing before moving over to the industry side. Audio Blood has helped kickstart careers for some of Canada's favourite exports and includes many major and indie Canadian labels on their impressive client list.


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