A Bluffer’s Guide To Marilyn Manson

Astroid Boys pick out their favourites...

Cardiff group Astroid Boys all grew up within a few streets of one another.

Listening to any type of music they could get their hands on, the band grew up without knowing where the barriers were.

As a result, they make music that fuses metal with hip-hop, matching rock's crunch against grime's urgent energy.

Debut album 'Broke' arrives on September 29th, and it just so happens that one of the group's primary inspirations is also on the comeback trail.

Marilyn Manson helped forge the youthful imaginations of Astroid Boys, and the Dark Knight is back once more.

Here, Big H from the Welsh group picks out a few personal favourites…

– – –


My Pops is a big Marilyn fan and jeezus he loved this song. I remember being 10ish and on my way to football training, he was the coach and he loved driving like a lunatic all the way there… every Saturday. Rocked up in the car park with all the boys and their parents with this fuckin’ BLASTING and nobody knew weather it was a joke or this big cockney geeza was just some sick freak.

– – –


Well here’s a geeza that loves a bit of sleep deprivation, plenty of drugs and some fucked up shit. You can’t help but picture Manson sticking sewing needles down his finger nails and cutting about like some Edward Scissorhand looking dude whilst recording this. Plus I’ve really, really tried to like Muse but can’t because of songs like this, Manson is the minor to every Muse’s major.

– – –


Did someone say circle pit or what?!

– – –

The Dope Show

This album cover freaked the shit out of me. I used to raid my parents cd racks when I was younger and I never grabbed this purely because of the artwork. You need to see it for yourself but picture being a little kid, all pumped to steal some CD’s and you find THAT. Some weird ghostly man/girl looking manson with no cock, some boobs and a elongated six finger hand. Needless to say when this went on rotation in my pop’s car I got over my fear and this quickly became my favorite 'Mechanical Animals' song.

– – –

Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)

The rare occasion where the cover is on a par / if not better than the original – less pop and more creep?! My buddy Nelson is also a big Manson fan and showed me this video once of him playing Reading Festival. God damn it makes you feel on edge, wearing this weird corset and stockings thing spazzing out on the stage, how can you not be a little freaked out? Fully backed though, one of those you do you moments and a reminder that if Manson can sing that music, wearing those clothes in front of that many people I’m pretty sure I can do whatever I want too.

– – –

This is The New Shit

Some gothic gangster shit. This song reminds me of the opening scene in xXx where Rammstein are playing this big weird party and there’s some usual baddy stuff going on but it’s all too “cool action” sounding. Rammstein are awesome and all but it would of made the movie way better if Manson was playing that party and this song was on. Maybe even if Rammstein and Marilyn Manson were both there being weird together?! Would’ve taken that movie to unknown realms of success I’m telling you!

– – –

Negative Three (Marilyn Manson and The Spooky Kids)

One for extra cool points here. Young Manson being a little weird but not full Marilyn weird…yet. It sounds kind of Nirvana / Type O Negative vibe and who doesn’t LOVE a bit of Type O am I right?! One to bop ya head and have a little pogo jump around to. The After School Special tape that this song is from has a pretty badass “Special Thanks” section too that included characters like Dr. Suess to Charles Manson who is a reptilian shapeshifter.

– – –

Get Your Gunn

Some hot topic business right here. Wasn’t this about the abortion doctor David Gunn and how he was shot and killed by Pro-Life activists?! There’s the definition of hypocrisy if I’ve ever seen it, I get the whole kill one to save many vibe but this song couldn’t have said it better. “Pseudo-morals work real well, On the talk shows for the weak, But your selective judgements, And goodguy badges, Don't mean a fuck to me…”

– – –

'Broke' is set to be released on September 29th.

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