7 Of The Best: Moodymann

7 Of The Best: Moodymann

Benji B digs into his record bag...

Moodymann is one of club culture's most illusive and inspiration figures.

Through his long line of soulful, deeper-than-the-blue-sea house releases the producer has conjured an entire aural universe, a heady, exploratory fusion of influences.

Constantly surging into the unknown, he rejected the glossy technical perfection of the 90s for something with a little more grit, a little more soul, and a little more humanity.

Returning to London to play Benji B's Deviation night this month, each set from Moodymann carries an enormous weight of expectation.

Radio 1 host, DJ, and Deviation head honcho Benji B digs into his record bag for some personal picks from the Moodymann catalogue.

- - -


Had to include this one - it’s the first track from the first Moodymann LP I ever bought and I remember it didn’t sound like anything else at the time.

Super dope… still play this one on the radio today.

- - -

'I Can’t Kick That Feeling When It Hits'

Classic Moodymann 12” that actually was included on the same album as the tune above called 'Silent Introduction'. I wore out this 12 when I first bought it...

Best use of that sample I ever heard - and crazy that this is now over 20 years old... wow! Still sounds fresh.

- - -

'The Day We Lost The Soul'

This 12” is a tribute to Marvin Gaye - it starts with this montage of radio / TV audio with the clips from the news the day of Marvin Gaye’s passing and interviews with people on the street... then drops into the best house music tribute to Marvin that I know of.

- - -


I remember the 12” for this one is a green label and moves through different sections - I like the 12” version with all the atmospheric skits and vibes on it. I think it has Norma Jean Bell playing on it too. Also there is an album version that’s the title track for his third album of the same name.

- - -

'Black Mahogani'

This tune for me is Plastic People... a club we used to go to a lot in London that shaped us all. This tune got played there so many times by so many different DJs - we all played this one - it sums up an entire era.

One of Kenny Dixon Jr’s most famous tunes. Masterful use of the loop. I recommend with most of these selections to check the 12” versions too - especially in the case of this tune - both sides!

- - -

'Shades Of Jae'

Possibly the most well-known and popular Moodymann tune of all. Not much needs to be said other than that it is the ultimate anticipation tune that is the perfect selection as a DJ for that moment when you just want to start putting your foot on the gas.

If played at the right time it will always make the room go up a gear.

- - -

'I Got Werk'

From the album 'Moodymann' in 2014 I love 'Come To Me' and 'No' and could have picked either of those but have gone with this one as it always gets such a good reaction when I play it and I love Kenny’s vocal on it.

- - -

Benji B's Deviation hits London's EartH venue on October 19th - tickets.

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