65daysofstatic Review The Singles

Featuring The Wanted, Icona Pop, Sean Paul and more...

Caught in the live arena, 65daysofstatic are lethal, uncompromising.

So Clash thought it would be a right ol' laugh to rope the Sheffield band in to review the week's singles. Paul Wolinski stepped up to the plate, and promptly decided to demolish each and every one with the glee of a toddler being let loose with some prize china.

Honestly? We wouldn't have it any other way.

– – –

James Arthur – You're Nobody Til Somebody Loves You
Are you kidding?

Cyril Hahn – Perfect Form
Yeah this is junk. Put on that Freakin' Weekend song from ten years ago instead. Or better yet, but on something entirely different. Unless he's using this 'hot girl with perfect form' as a clever metaphor for the runaway climate change we are allowing by focussing on the entirely wrong aspects of being alive and being humans, then this is not worth anyone's time.

Foxes – Youth
Must be tough down there in the swell of the Lana Del Rey wake, especially now Lorde has popped up and ruined all these also-ran major label investments. I feel for Foxes, I really do. Is that her name? Why is it plural? Or is that the name of the band? They've even put in some of that two-years-out-of-date auto-tuning. Sounds like they/she have borrowed one of Moderat's synths though, which is nice.

Icona Pop – All Night
This entire music video is designed purposefully to be an advert for ABSOLUT TUNE, which I guess is some kind of vodka that tastes a lot like other vodka, but is branded differently. If I want music to give me liver damage, it's going to need to sound like Tom Waits or Atari Teenage Riot, not this.

Sean Paul – Turn It Up
If he stopped singing over them, these beats would be great, so I'd suggest seeking out an instrumental version. Or you could buy Garageband or something, pick a 'dancehall' loop and a 'trance' loop and play them at the same time, which will give you a similar kind of thing, but of infinite length.

The Wanted – Show Me Love
Fuck this. What is this? I think I've been confusing The Wanted with The Used this whole time. I don't know who The Wanted are. I'm blaming you for this, Clash. Thanks for nothing.

– – –

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