Herschel Supply
A thoroughly modern backpack arrangement.

Think of Herschel Supply and you’d be forgiven for closing focus on the word heritage; while perhaps not specifically part of the brand’s in-house vocabulary, the two are pretty strong bedfellows.

Away from the Canadian label’s navy, maroon and tan offerings however (beyond the classics, if you will), Herschel Supply boasts an extensive line-up, featuring sterile white numbers, busy patterned kid’s vibes, and objects such as this Selfridges’ exclusive pictured above.

Based on looks alone we’d describe the Dayton Apextknit Backpack as a pretty modern affair – the silhouette, print and zip placement collectively allude to a noughties, almost space age aesthetic – while on the practical side it radiates function (read: has adjustable straps and inside pockets). All top dollar features as far as daily rucksack users are concerned no doubt.



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