And it's a pretty slick line-up.

Perhaps the slickest – and if you’ll excuse us, most health goth appropriate – offering yet from Herschel (certainly as far as collaborations go), the luggage label for whom navy has become an omnipresent shade this week delivers a monochrome mini line.

Teaming up with The Idle Man, the new capsule collection boasts all the necessary accessories for a (pretty non idle) character: think a rucksack, weekend bag, document holder and bucket hat, each in the respective shades and of reflective natured materials.

“Herschel is now a wardrobe staple in most men’s wardrobes, we just wanted to create something unique to The Idle Man without reinventing the wheel,” observes the latter’s Thome Scherdel.

“I just tweaked some of their best selling bags and added the 3M aspect, making them more functional,” continues the buyer, “It’s a concise collection that covers all storage needs. Simple things.”

The new line-up makes its shop debut online tomorrow.


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