Lee Cooper x Jack Garratt
The brand names Garratt Musical Creative Director.

There was probably a time when jeans sold themselves, but Clash can’t be too sure when that was, or if it was any fun. Which is cool, because Lee Cooper – which has been in the denim business since it was founded by Morris Cooper, in Stratford no less, in 1908 – has just tapped Jack Garratt as Musical Creative Director for a new line.

The result of Lee Cooper’s ‘passion for denim’, The Cooper Collection was born of an exploration into the brand’s extensive archive and drops later this month. Produced in selvedge denim, the line-up is a limited edition offering with a core of just six styles, comprised of three men’s silhouettes and three women’s.

“I personally believe you should always take pride in the things you create,” notes Garratt, who has come up with a new track, ‘Strong Enough’, exclusively for the brand, “a vision I share with Lee Cooper.”

Elsewhere accompanying the news is a pop-up shop, naturally, housed within the old Nicholls & Clarke building in Shoreditch from 27th-30th October. The east London space will be one of the first places, IRL, fans can track down a pair from The Cooper Collection, which boasts the Norris Slim and Pearl Skinny within its ranks.

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