The brand taps a new group of creatives to reimagine the classic design.

Launched 25 years ago, CAT Footwear’s Colorado model has long since dropped the industrial focus from which it was born, in recent years finding itself instead at the forefront of contemporary subcultures.

Likewise the subject of collaboration, the shoe has been remodeled by a number of menswear designers, such as Martine Rose, Alex Mattsson and Christopher Shannon, the latter whom partnered the brand for several seasons.

Now, to celebrate its landmark anniversary, CAT has tapped a group of artists and illustrators to have their wicked way with the boot, inviting the likes of Supermundane (aka Robe Lowe) and Sam Dunn (amongst others) to caress the style’s exterior with their aesthetically charged pen game. Sharpies FTW, etc.

While a full gallery of uniquely decorated Colorado’s can be found here – Lowe and Dunn’s interpretations, pictured above – elsewhere a new Colorado 25 collection has been produced, refreshing the iconic model’s look with colourful and dressed up variations.


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