The London and New York stores host each other in their relative city.

You go abroad, find the shop of your dreams and then are forced to return home with the knowledge that it’ll take some time ‘til you can afford another trip, allowing you to step through those doors and smell those smells again.

Not quite a life or death situation but a sad reality akin to a kid leaving Disneyland. Fear not, if your store was V-Files or Machine-A, London and New York have the problem in hand.

Co-insiding with the launch of New York Fashion Week, Machine-A (who count stylist Anna Trevelayn as Co-Director) will host a window and in-store area at V-Files while the latter will do the same over here.

Playing swapsies with their designer stock, V-Files bring with them Hood By Air, NASA + VFILES and V-Files vintage while fleeing our shores will be Ashley Williams, Dr Noki and Kyle Hopkins.

A collaborative collection of branded jersey tops and shorts and toweling pieces in black, white and other flag flying colours complete the one off concept store swap shop, which closes its doors alongside London Fashion Week on 17th September.


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