The clothing brand partners the channel for an exclusive T-shirt line.
Stussy x Yo! MTV Raps

Queen Latifah, Slick Rick and Ice T are just some of the faces you’ll find on Stussy’s latest collaboration; a joint venture with MTV celebrating Yo! MTV Raps.

Running for seven years from from August 1988 to August 1995, Yo! MTV Raps was a two-hour show on American TV that brought rap into the homes of both those who lived by it and those who were yet to embrace it.

Offering a new platform for hip-hop artists, the show featured music videos, interviews with rap stars and on Fridays, live in studio performances.

Stussy’s latest line sees a series of T-shirts and jumpers produced bearing those whose image frequented the channel. Early purchases will also bag a pack of trading cards.

The video below offers an insight into the show, while Part 2 looks at the part fashion played in the show’s success.


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