The Italian brand drops a new all denim line-up.

It’s unlikely, though not wholly ridiculous, that you might think of denim upon the mention of Stone Island: all weather jackets and cotton sweatshirts are more probable fixtures in the memory where the Italian brand is concerned.

Until, perhaps, you witness the label’s AW16 offering, which boasts a fierce denim game, courtesy of the Polypropylene Denim collection.

The ‘lightest available fibre on earth’ according to the people up top, Polypropylene is a material of antibacterial properties. Partnered with an indigo dyed cotton warp, the resulting denim fabric casts the appearance of a 19 ounce material, while weighing only 10; a note of high importance where hardcore denim fans are concerned.

Neatly comprised of just seven pieces, the full line-up includes three jackets, a jumper, pair of jeans and the hero piece, a zip up boiler suit: a duffel bag-cum-rucksack accompanies the apparel.


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