Clash delivers an exclusive preview of the brand's latest campaign video.

‘I stand for getting shit done,’ says Bridgette, lead singer of the band Dansu and rebellious daughter of a mother not akin with her thoughts on hard wearing, lace up leather boots.

Caleb on the other hand, boyfriend of Reba and son of Glen, stands for ‘pride, heritage and self expression’ (as do both Reba and Glen).

The four of them are all part of Dr. Martens’ latest campaign, ‘Stand For Something’. Forgoing the youthful punk nature of Spring Summer’s Ash Stymest fronted campaign, AW13 sees Dr. Martens turn to streetcasting with 13 handpicked boys girls, ladies and gents, all doing their thang.

Making the cut – and telling their side of the DMs story – is Hilary the student, new band The Minx, hair colourist Sapphire, music producer Rude Kid and Guy, the drag queen.

As for the footwear, shoes and boots come studded, covered in tartan and dressed up in black and white. Like their wearers, each tells a story that differs from the last. 


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