SS25: JordanLuca Is Transforming Tradition

Interweaving their British and Italian origins, Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto present a conceptually rich runway show for Milan Fashion Week.

JordanLuca has raised the barre with a gorgeous, ballet-tinged SS25 runway show, taking over Milan’s Frigoriferi Milanesi.

Conceived by Jordan Bowen and Luca Marchetto, the contemporary label takes note of its Italian and British heritage,  meeting traditional designs with a transformative mindset. For the latest collection, JordanLuca experiments with synthetic textiles and techniques whilst upholding sculpture-like silhouettes, honing its contrast of aesthetics, texture and style.

The runway welcomes ballet flats, angular platforms and equestrian-style boots, exploring a breadth of shapes and movement between each footstep. At points, the ensemble bring their chic edge to the English countryside, dressing their models in oversized coats and a tweed harrington-meets-bomber jacket. Structured knitwear is placed over fitted lycra, leaning into broad, accentuated shoulder padding and block colour palettes. Elsewhere, the collection re-enforces its unconventional layering, piecing together a jagged, pleated skirt over a slick taupe-toned blazer, whilst chunky silvery jewellery is paired with silk designs. 

Throughout, the detailing is stretched to the extremes, whether that be in the show’s elongated collar points, razor-sharp mohawkes or use of plastic glazing over silks and denim. At their best, the forward-thinking duo transcend the concept of ‘fit’, constructing ballooned blouses that rise above their models’ shoulders, surrounding them with an ethereal elegance.

Introducing a re-vamped Gotham Bag capsule, JordanLuca strike their looks with a fresh pop of colour, elevating their statement piece in shades of Predator Brown, Olympus Yellow, Olympus Blue and Laminated Rose Fil Coupé. Designed in London and made in Italy, the brand incorporates a See Now Buy Now concept to the runway, bringing an element of immediate exclusivity to each design.

Minimal yet maximalist all at once, JordanLuca enter the new season with an ambitiously versatile collection.

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