Headphones that say: "Take me, I'm yours." Not that Clash condones stealing...

Clash listens to music a fair bit. It’s probably obvious to you, given you’re on our site (yes, we can see you… sort of). And with so many different tastes in the same office, we’ve been known to rock our share of headphones.

Skullcandy are no newcomers to the cans market – they’ve been in the game since 2003, consistently balancing commendable performance with fashionable styling.

The company’s latest range of Navigator headphones, ably modeled above by Birmingham MC-on-a-breakthrough-tip RoxXxan, are now available from all of those stores that sell such things. A more compact take on 2012’s highly regarded Roc Nation Aviators, they’re nevertheless packed with power.

The custom-designed drivers within these beauts – which are available in colours other than pink (not that we’ve anything against pink, mind) – can handle some serious volumes without being harangued by distortion. Skullcandy’s in-house don of such things, Dr Tetsuro Oishi, has ensured that bass is booming and vocals crisp.

Comfortably ergonomic, these Navigators also feature built-in Mic3 technology – which means you can take calls on them. So, basically, you never need actually remove them. Except maybe to shower. Clash can’t say that it has tested these babies under such circumstances.

Maybe when the wet look is back in…

If you like what you see, check out the Navigator Facebook app here, or the official Skullcandy site, here

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