Scientology but with twinsets.

With London Collections: Men just around the corner, we asked ten designers six burning questions (in our minds at least), and asked for a cheeky snap from their studio too. To our surprise-and great pleasure-they agreed.

Sibling barely need an introduction. Made up of Cozette McCreery, Joe Bates and Sid Bryan, they create knits to be both seen and heard, are fans of punk, and have a fan in Noel Fielding (he gave them the plate above ahead of LC:M past).


Why do you do what you do? 
Because we are three knitwear obsessed people who want to convert others. Bit like Scientology but with twinsets. 

What’s your main inspiration for Spring Summer 14? 
West Side Story. It's all very 'I'm So Pretty And Witty And Gaaaaaaaaay' here at SIBLING HQ and yes, we are laughing. 

Which piece from SS13/AW13 (have you found yourself wearing the most? 
Sid: Fluff Crew from SS13. I'm never out of it and wear it with a tartan checked Comme jacket. Oh, or the East London Toile Riot print crew. 
Joe: Pom Pom Skull mutated-Aran hand knit, I even wore it to Disneyland and met Mickey Mouse who indicated his horror at the image.
Cozette: Neon Sequin Pointelle crew, cardi and skirt all together. It makes me day-glow and all sparkly and never ceases to cheer me up.

What track is the most overplayed in your studio right now? 
‘Get Lucky’ by Daft Punk because 6Music plays it NON STOP. Out of choice though, Cozette would be ‘My Number’ by Foals which she sings along to with Sebastian who works with us. Joe, anything by Grace Jones, and Sid likes a bit of the Moulin Rouge soundtrack and he'll sing to that, usually both Nicole and Ewan parts, he's not fussy.

Which other designers work are you most interested to see at LC:M and why?
Oh we hate to single work out because we are a friendly bunch of people us menswear folk, but we can't wait to see whether ourselves and Craig Green (a man who makes very lovely, wearable outfits) get the same Daily Mail/Prime Time TV bashing as we did for AW13. Hey folks, it's catwalk and it's called styling. Ha ha, we find it so funny and it's pushed sales so all good. 

Who would you most like to see wearing your clothes?
Joe Public, there is nothing better than seeing a garment on someone you don't know in the street or on the bus.

Sibling present on Monday 17th June at 11:00.

Interview: Zoe Whitfield


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