Richard Malone Announced As Ambassador For Global Sustainability Movement

Richard Malone Announced As Ambassador For Global Sustainability Movement


Did everybody watch the climate debate last night? We sure did, and we’re betting Richard Malone did too. Right on trend, the Irish-born, London-based designer and champion for all things sustainability was today announced as the new ambassador the innovative charity campaign #TogetherBand.

Championing environmental sustainability since his first independent collection for autumn-winter 2015, Malone has been evolving and perfecting his methods of production, now boasting 100% sustainability throughout all of his clothing.

The new charity campaign that boasts Richard as the frontman and ambassador, aims to fulfill one of the UN’s Global Goals for sustainable development. Goal 12 set by the UN focuses on responsible production and consumption.

Launching today, (not so coincidently on Black Friday), #TogetherBand calls on consumers to think before they shop, something we all need a little help with. Thanks to social media, fast fashion and online shopping; we’ve all become party to a seemingly unstoppable force of mass consumerism and irresponsible sourcing practices. With a necessary urgency to tackle issues of fairtrade and unsustainable fabrics and pollution, the campaign shines a light on the estimated £140 million worth of clothing being sent to landfills in the UK alone each year. Speaking on the movement, Malone says ““Nothing should be considered luxurious that is harmful or exploitative” #TogetherBand aims to change our attitudes towards responsible shopping and dressing in nothing short of a desperate situation.



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