An illustrated hook up.

Illustrator Rich Fairhead notes his influences as Johnny Cash, criminal tattoos and unicorns (plus tea, vodka and scummy pubs), while his client list stretches from Maccy D’s to Nike, G-Shock and Lazy Oaf.

The latest addition to the latter line up is menswear label Farah, with whom Fairhead has just collaborated on a small capsule collection of illustrated tops.

Based in south London, Rich ‘draws with pens’, creating the type of fun, cartoon like images that make great motifs thrown across T-shirt fronts found in ‘cool’ London boutiques.

Which is obviously why Farah made the call.

The Laxley and the Dutchmore – the products of said hook up – bear a square print made up of triangle and star shaped doodles, providing the quirk factor to any boys night out line up.


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