Fashion label teams up with bike brand.
Red or Dead

Starstruck and Cuckoo, names belonging not to our pet poodles but bikes. Bikes ya hear me, bikes. Teaming up with the Nottingham brand Raleigh-producer of bicycles since 1887-Red or Dead have dressed up a pair of the brand's old favourites with stars and birds. See what they did there?

Painted red with white and pink stars, Starstruck (our preference, picture above), replicates the iconic Raleigh Shopper while the purple and pink 'lace' printed Cuckoo, is an ode to the original Wisp Continental. Their production was inspired in part by last years Olympics (of course), as well as the sheer volume of people peddling today (that's lots if you've ever tried crossing Old Street at any time on any day). Unfortunately the bikes aren't available until May (from Raleigh), which means a little while longer on your mum's hand me down and some extra time to collect those pennies.


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