Q&A: Enny chats to us about Levi’s® #RootedInJoy campaign

Q&A: Enny chats to us about Levi’s® #RootedInJoy campaign

Inspired by community...

As part of a series of its #RootedInJoy campaign for Black History Month in October, Levi’s® invited South East London artist Enny to create her own signature Levi’s® trucker hat in collaboration with illustrator Olivia Twist. Available for a limited run of two weeks, all proceeds from the hat have been donated to Milk Honey Bees, a London-based charity that promotes safe spaces for young Black women and girls to flourish.

Drawing inspiration from her own community and her personal history with the brand, Enny worked with Olivia Twist on a hat that would celebrate Black joy and uplift her identity as a young, Nigerian-British woman from South East London.

Floral artist and designer Hazel Gardiner worked to reimagine the American brand’s concept store, Levi’s® Haus in London. Gardiner developed a fertile space to nurture and cultivate Black creativity and community and on completion of the project, invited visitors to purchase individual plants from the installation for a donation to CODE1, a community interest group founded to provide uplift activities for Afro-Caribbean children and young people in and around Tottenham’s Northumberland Park.

We chatted with Enny over email to discuss working with Levi’s®, finding inspiration and joy and which Black artists she’s excited about.


Sabrina Soormally: What makes you joyful?

ENNY: My joyfulness comes from feeling fulfilled… completion

SS: What does Levi’s ®️ mean to you as a brand?

E: Levi’s® reminds me of transitional moments, when I was little my older sister made a big deal out of getting her first pair of Levi’s I never understood it till she said “ you never forget when you get your first pair of Levi’s “

SS: What’s your favourite Levi’s ®️ style?

E: My favourite Levi style is the High Loose jeans!

SS: What has been your main highlight from working on this campaign?

E: The warm energy from working with everyone & the reasoning behind the campaign.

SS: Tell me about your design process for this piece.

E: The design process was quite easy as there was so much to be inspired from because of the initial brief.

SS: How was it working with the illustrator Olivia Twist - how close did the final product come to your vision?

E: Working with Olivia was great she very much delivered on the vision her talents were evident and how she developed the idea turned out amazing.

SS: How has growing up in South London influenced your personal style?

E: South London has influenced my style in the sense of enforcing my individuality.

SS: What have you found most rewarding and most challenging as a young Nigerian, British woman navigating the music industry?

E: The most rewarding thing is having such diverse culture that you can tap into and communicate to others, the most challenging thing is keeping your own sense of individuality it can be so easy to conform and do what everyone else does.

SS: What are some records and artists from the Black pantheon that have inspired you throughout your career?

E: The list is endless from Lauryn Hill, Jill Scott, Kano, Stevie Wonder, Nas.

SS: Which Black artists and musicians are you excited about at the moment?

E: There’s a lot of talent around right now from Odeal, Bellah Eerf Evil Bel Cobain Shae Universe!

SS: What does Black History Month, and the #RootedInJoy campaign mean to you?

E: For me, black history is not just designated to one month but is a constant. The#RootedInJoy campaign allows for the celebration of black history past October as it is a continuous message!

SS: What can we expect from you next year?

E: More music more growth and more joy!


Visit Levi’s® Haus at 40 Great Marlborough Street, W1F 7JQ.


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