Harris Elliott curates a new exhibition of Japanese punk.

For the past two years Harris Elliott has been caught up with ‘Return of The Rudeboy’, the IRL exhibition he co-curated with Dean Chalkley at Somerset House in 2014 (here), accompanied last year by a book of the same name

This weekend the creative director, stylist and designer turns his attention instead to Japanese punk, with a new exhibition at The Horse Hospital in Bloomsbury.

“Punk found fans in Japan in the early 80’s,” he explains, “the world was in a state of flux and I believe the reactionary appeal of the British punk attitude appealed to the young impressionable kids in Japan. I think punk gave the youth a way out of the Japanese system, and heavily promoted self expression for those who felt different.”

Titled ‘Punk in Translation’ and produced in partnership with avant-garde leather label Blackmeans as part of the Leather Japan initiative, the curator has tapped photographers Yusuke Yamatani, Tasuo Suzuki and Naoya Matsumoto to exhibit.

“The Japanese punk scene in Tokyo in 2016 is very active with a strong community of bands that perform in small venues all around the city,” Elliott confirms. “Ranging from punk rock to the strongest hardcore punk sounds and styles. Bands like The Erections, The Discocks, and Asuka and the Bum Servants play regularly with their translation of punk.”

Shot almost exclusively in black and white, the images brilliantly document the aesthetic and character of the adopted subculture. 

'Punk in Translation' opens 9th-11th January; more info can be found here.


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