The suede classic goes ice cold.

On this occasion they shall be called ‘States’, but Puma’s classic suede model goes by many names. Ask for the ‘Clyde’, Puma ‘Joints’ or the ‘Suede’, and it’s unlikely an eyelid would be batted in any store, office or internet chat room.

It’s the former label however, which has stuck all these years for fans in the UK, hence the title remains.

The States then, gained its status first in 80’s era New York – when it was an ‘it’ piece as opposed to a classic – and today bears the credentials such history bestows.

Relaunched earlier this year, the shoe’s latest arrangement features a few modern adaptions; gold foil branding executes a more premium aesthetic while pastel shades ‘Atlantis Green’ and ‘Prism Violet’ takeover from the more traditional black.

All this and the nostalgic undertones remain via the everyday shape of the shoe; the ease at which it suits any wardrobe and essential comfort factors that support the wearer.

Released late next week in Size?, Offspring and END Clothing, the Cooler trainers offer that forever sought after simplicity: an update of a classic, nothing more nothing less and all the better for it.


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