PLTFRM: Exploring Milan With Converse All Star Enrique Migliorini

Converse All Star Pro City Pack series launches perfectly timed for Autumn...

The new Converse One Star Pro City Pack has launched this month drawing its inspirations from four distinctly unique metropolitan environments; London, Paris, Berlin, and Milan.

Across Europe, the One Star’s legacy continues to expand and grow and the new collection launches with community at the heart. To celebrate, Converse has partnered with local creatives and collectives to capture the unique spirit of each city, showcasing the perspectives by locals for locals.

Since it first debuted in 1974, the Converse One Star has been a sneaker of choice for those seeking a different path. It has always been a declaration of belonging in skate culture, making it an extension of local identity.

Secure the Converse One Star Milano City Pack HERE now.

We set out to explore Milan with Converse All Star Enrique Migliorini (IG) diving into the local scene and his inspirations drawn from the city.

Tell us about some of the other creatives in your circle of friends and what you do in Milan to have fun and relax after a hard working week?

My circle of friends is really full of creative minds; musicians, artists, graphic designers, photographer’s and video makers. To have fun we skate, take a ride in our cars, meet together for food & mostly just spend time hanging out and trying to make each other laugh. Whenever they make good food, we really love to eat. We love sushi and ramen a lot, and I personally select places based on the way they make cappuccino because I really love it. 

Where are some of your favourite places to eat, drink and hangout with friends in Milan?

A good place to spend the evening with friends is ‘Tutti Fritti’ in Colonne. 

How did the Pasta Frolla Squad and your brand come together?

It took life suddenly by a WhatsApp group with friends who then became the members of the squad. 

You’re a Milan-based skater and creative. In what ways has the cosmopolitan feel of the city impacted your work?

Milan is a frenetic city, even if I consider myself a chill guy, the energy the city and the people gives you is constantly stimulating my mind. You can’t feel bored here, and that’s just amazing!

Are there any other Milan-based artists/creatives we should be keeping an eye out for? 

My photographer friend @alecsmo, the collective, my brother and

What is your favourite part of living in Milan?

You can’t feel bored here, and that’s just amazing!

How would you define your personal style?

I define my style as changeable; the foundations of it are rooted in skateboarding but it changes depending on my mood and feelings. 

What made you decide to be a Converse All Star? 

I really desired to be a Converse All Star because I wanted to get to know some of the other creatives from all over the world. I hoped to be able to share my projects with them and learn about theirs and collaborate.

Do you have a favourite pair of Converse in your collection?

I’m really obsessed with my converse Le Fleur collection, and for skating in the Louie Lopez and the One Star are super comfy. 

What are you listening to the most at the moment? Which artists have been in your regular rotation for you this year?

Lately I’m really into Japan 80’ city pop, but I love every type of music, it depends on my mood. 

When did you start skating and documenting youth culture yourself? What was the catalyst?

Since I started skating I felt the need to document it, capturing our time together with videos and photographs; for the me of the future. Hopefully to inspire others, letting them see the way I see things and live life. 

Who are your core influences within the fashion world? As both a skater and creative where do you go to source your inspiration and formulate visual stories? What are your reference points?

My core influences are always connected to skateboarding and music, my top influence is Odd Future. 

Ofwgkta changed me, my style and the way I saw things. 

What themes or narratives run through your work? What do you seek to interrogate with your design and art?

Everything I create is connected to how I feel. It’s like I want people to know how I’m feeling in that moment. I want everyone to understand that you can achieve everything you want by being true to your self. 

What’s your preferred medium of creating and shooting?

I use my phone to shoot photographs a lot, as it is always with me alongside my film camera. 

What is the work you’re most proud of?

I always complain to myself that I can do better so I can’t really answer this question ahahahah. 

Is there a defining quote, affirmation or mantra you live by?

My mantra is: perseverance is the key, believe in yourself, you can achieve your dreams.

Be patient and persevere, if you really want to achieve something you will do it.

Where can we see you next? Do you have any upcoming personal projects planned for the future?

I see myself working and enjoying life with my friends, we have a special project coming together at the early stages so keep following our channels.

Photography: Laurent Bentil

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