PLTFRM: Exploring London With Converse All Star Teoni Hinds

Converse All Star Pro City Pack series launches perfectly timed for Autumn...

The new Converse One Star Pro City Pack has launched this month drawing its inspirations from four distinctly unique metropolitan environments; London, Paris, Berlin, and Milan.

Across Europe, the One Star’s legacy continues to expand and grow and the new collection launches with community at the heart. To celebrate, Converse has partnered with local creatives and collectives to capture the unique spirit of each city, showcasing the perspectives by locals for locals.

Since it first debuted in 1974, the Converse One Star has been a sneaker of choice for those seeking a different path. It has always been a declaration of belonging in skate culture, making it an extension of local identity.

Secure the Converse One Star Pro London City Pack HERE now.

We set out to explore London with Converse All Star Teoni Hinds (IG), diving into the local scene and her inspirations drawn from the city.

Which London-based cultural figure transcends fashion? Someone you think is singular in the way they use fashion as a means of expression… 

Off the top of my head, I would definitely say Nyah (@missmallz). She makes really cool Tiktok’s on her style. I love her style because its pretty similar to mine, girly but very boy’ish at the same time and how she uses thrift/second hand items to create very cool, unique fits. 

Tell us about some of the other creatives in your circle of friends and what you do in London to have fun and relax after a hard working week?

In my group we have the goat Manraj, the wonder boy Hayden Ramsay, skater/model/artist Atlantic Johnson & sculptor Dulcie Davy. Normally, I don’t do much relaxing, it’s pretty difficult to get me away from a canvas for the most part. However, I do like to just sit on top of Primrose Hill with my friends and talk about which area of London we want to live in ahaha.

Where are some of your favourite places to eat and drink with friends in London?

Me and the guys love chicken kitchen we order it to the stu all the time. But we mainly go for a cheeky Nando’s if were trying to sit in and eat, you know it’s always a vibe at Nando’s regardless of which one we go to they always show us love.

Which London-based artist/creative should we be keeping an eye out for? 

Definitely Atlantic Johnson. He’s already a young skateboarder endorsed by Supreme but is now embracing his artistic side. He creates beautifully detailed portraits that he pulls out of his photographic memory. 

What is your favourite part of living in London? 

I love how I can create a place and a community to belong to in such a diverse yet fast paced city, we all need a place to belong to you know. 

You’re a London-based artist. In what ways has the cosmopolitan feel of the city impacted your work?

Being able to talk to so many different people, take in and understand their experiences really helps me to dig deeper and make more of an impact with my brush, the insight that I can gain from a simple conversation has a tremendous impact on my work.

Tell us about some of the fun you have had working with Converse on the OS City Pack and how the campaign and shoe itself has resonated with you personally as a London resident?

It was cool to just travel around the city with the crew and hit up my favorite spots, I love the whole idea of the shoe because it centers around the things we believe that makes our city, which in turn makes me happy that I can show love to and support small businesses such as the chippy on the corner.

How would you define your personal style?

It’s hard to say really, I don’t intentionally try to dress to a certain aesthetic. I guess I like streetwear, its most comfortable when working at the studio. Baggy jeans, a graphic tee and a clean crep, defo my go to. I wear whatever I can find and what’s given to me, most of my wardrobe are my friends hand-me-downs and stuff I find second hand.

Do you have a favourite pair of Converse in your collection?

Yes my cons x comme des garcons. 

What are you listening to the most at the moment? Which artists have been in your regular rotation for you this year?

I haven’t been listening to any new music to be honest but IAMDDB is always in my regular rotation. Her sound is very unique and every track of hers is a banger. Can never go wrong.

What made you decide to be a Converse All Star? 

I’ve always loved converse , I used to cry as kid sometimes from seeing them in the shop windows but never having enough money to afford them , I just believe in and love how freeing the all-stars are in their forms of expressions

How did you venture into the world of art/fine art? What was the catalyst?

I always used to a lot draw as kid but when you grow up in a Jamaican house hold there’s little to no margin for talking back so I had to find an outlet to express myself and so I continued drawing and eventually fell in love with painting.

Who are your core influences within the art world?

Claudette Johnson, Lynette Yiadom Boyake, Tracy Emin. I love they way they express themselves through their preferred medium. I admire their vulnerability and how they can depict raw moments which is what I always strive for.

As an artist, where do you go to source your inspiration and formulate visual stories? What are your reference points?

Inspiration for me comes from everything and everywhere I could be walking through the city or smoking the mandem on street fighter my imagination has no restraints when I want to paint I’ll paint whatever comes to mind

What theme or narrative runs through your work? What do you seek to interrogate with your art?

I like to explore the vulnerability of human nature through my brush therefore you’ll see this motif of people in familiar settings such as being around loved ones or with parents or chilling on a sofa which is where you tend to see people the happiest 

What’s your preferred medium of creating?

Oils and Oil pastels because they allow me to make big expressive movements easily. 

What is the work you’re most proud of?

Probably my Self Portrait (2021). I thinks it completely conveys every emotion I was feeling at the time. I completely let go and that’s when I make my best work. 

Is there a defining quote, affirmation or mantra you live by?

 Big up yourself, never small up yourself

Where can we see your work? Do you have any exhibitions planned for the future?

I’ve got some stuff in the works, working on a solo show which I hope to put out next year. Other than that you can see my original works hung up in London’s finest café, BeauBeaus.

Photography: Zeyaad

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