The art director collaborates on a new capsule line.

Peter Saville is probably best known for his work with Factory Records, of which he was both a partner and the art director, responsible for prominent covers attached to records by Joy Division and New Order.

Spanish fashion house Paco Rabanne meanwhile, was founded in 1966, its futuristic armour frocks of the era still perhaps one of its most memorable attributes (a Google search today elsewhere brings up a ton of perfume bottles).

Now fans of both can rejoice: a new collaboration from the pair (Saville and Paco Rabanne’s artistic director, Julien Dossena), is set to drop this month, comprised of just 100 pieces and dealing exclusively in jersey.

Inspired by a shared interest in books as artistic and graphic objects, the duo looked to Jean Clemmer’s 1969 title Nues (creations by Monsieur Paco Rabanne featured within, further context fans).

The new line up then, was made a reality via a concept of clothing as book covers, hence the T-shirts, sweatshirts, leggings, bras and pants that feature all have a title: Akt In Ketten, Canned Candies and Futuresex, the former two a nod the German and English titles of a book by Jean Clemmer, the latter proposed by Dossena and Saville as a contemporary note on the book’s themes.

Doved Street Market claims the UK exclusive – arriving in-store on Friday – while further European drops will take place later in the month, finishing up in America in October.


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