The two hook up for a new video for 'Sweat'.

The fashion and music worlds have now collided far too many times for us to mention, heck, you wouldn’t want to hear about it anyway as you’ve got a life to lead.

The latest industry partnering however, you might well want to spare five minutes for. 

Palladium and Major Lazer you see, have teamed up to create a slammin’ new music video that marries the song ‘Sweat’ with the canvas boots in a way you might not first consider. Clue, it contains some serious endurance. 

Directed by Ryan Staake of production company Pomp and Clout (of Diplo’s ‘Set it Off’ video fame), Major Lazer’s newbie likewise sees 'scantily clad females' (and males) artistically portrayed, but this time things have gone dayglow.

Check out LA based dance crew The Underground Street Chronicles do their worst to the the Pallabrouse Baggy and Pampa Sport Cuff WP2 (not the new twerking but boot names, people) in the video, here


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