The brands collaborate on a new six-piece line of boots.

Palladium Boots shaking hands with Alpha Industries is perhaps one of the most natural and frankly obvious collaborations, so much so that it’s hard to believe it’s not happened before (a notion Clash cannot claim to be fact, as it happens).

Each bear a history referenced in military and aviation production, both are very much of the moment in 2014; Palladium was on the feet of Liam Hodges’ models at his MAN debut in June, while Alpha’s classic flight jacket continues to be re-interpreted by the full stretch of the British high street.

Launching this month, the six-piece range sees styles such as the (renamed) Pampa Hi Zip MA-1 and Baggy Zip MA-1 adopt classic Alpha Industries qualities, namely the sage green/black/vibrant orange colourways and the bomber jacket’s hardwearing nylon fabric, here pulled over Palladium’s signature molded rubber sole.

“We used Alpha’s original materials, our classic silhouettes and small design elements,” Palladium’s global product line manager, Hommy Diaz states, “to capture our shared military heritage in a modern capsule for fashion-forward consumers.”

They’ve also, co-incidentally, upped the game for those of matchy matchy taste.


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