OpenAREA Debuts A New Kind Of Nature Film

The project launched in London at an event sponsored by ASICS.

This month OpenAREA, the brainchild of Ollie Olanipekun, premiered a conceptual nature film at an event in London in partnership with ASICS. The two-minute film splices vast landscapes, rocket launches, fashion shows and historic moments with crowds, animals, growing plants and birds taking flight alongside the project’s mission statement in bold yellow across the screen. 

“Our anthem film is a call out to the world to change everything we know about nature,” Olanipekun says of the project. “It is definitely not what you’d expect from a “nature” film and that’s the point. We want it to surprise people and make them question why they have such a fixed idea of what nature means – when in reality, it can be anything.”

Dedicated to developing a new approach to conservation and the championing of natural spaces, OpenAREA is recognising the entirely individual ways we all relate to nature and the outdoors. This project evolved from Olanipekun’s work at Flock Together where he first formed a collective of bird watchers among people of colour, reclaiming green spaces for marginalised people and in the years since has expanded seeking to bring the masses into nature and allowing for more creative opportunities.

The purpose of OpenAREA’s anthem film is to change the narrative around conservation and climate change. “Climate anxiety has turned into climate fatigue,” Olanipekun says. “We need something new, something positive, exciting and inspirational to breathe new life into the topic.”

The initiative focuses on sculptural creations as the OpenAREA team seeks to challenge our preconceived notions of art in nature. Olanipekun cites a manipulation of space and form as  key, exploring abstract ideals and how artists challenge our perceptions and “evoke emotion and spark imagination.” 

“With physical artwork, the viewer can explore for themselves and have their own perspective – that’s what OpenAREA is all about. We curated the art to help the audience see nature through fresh eyes and tap into their imagination to come away with their own ideas.”


Creative Direction: Ollie Olanipekun, OpenAREA

Creative Consultant: Geo Stuart

Design Direction: George Smith

Editor: LAUZZA

Music: Big Animal Theory – Frankie [SLOWED], Yuragi – Unreachable (Big Animal Theory Remix) [SLOWED]

Wrap film [16×9] + Wrap Film [9×16] (on Vimeo)

Video: Samuel Wilson

Outro: AVVA Studio

Music: Big Animal Theory – Frankie

Location: Woodseer St Gallery


Photography – Dennis Eluyefa

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