Fran Burns and Luella Bartley set to discuss Debbie Harry, the style icon.

Blondie is a band. Blondie is a band! Of course we all know this today – minus perhaps those tweenies buying diamante Debbie Harry tees from the dodgy end of Oxford Street – but at one point in time the remaining band members were forced to wear T-shirts inscribed with the message above, such was Debbie Harry’s pull.

A style icon (for that is what she is) since the CBGB days, Harry has inspired generation after generation to slap on some leopard print, get cosy in a leotard and shine in a piece of lurex.

Without Harry, Jemina Pearl wouldn’t have fronted Be Your Own Pet, there’d be no Karen O, unlikely a Gwen Stefani, and Katy Perry and Lady Gaga’s careers would be, different, shall we say.

Then of course there’s the blonde matter. Thanks to Harry the hair of thousands is probably in a worse condition than ever before and the pupils sent home from school due to dodgy dye jobs probably soared around the late 70s, remaining steady up ‘til today. But that’s just side effects; her DIY barnet is the stuff of legend.

But what were we saying, Blondie is a band? Quite. This weekend the Institute for Contemporary Arts (ICA) holds Blondiefest in honour of Chris Stein, Harry and their other band members, including the Parallel Lines era line up; Clem Burke, Jimmy Destri, Franke Infante and Nigel Harrison.

On Saturday three blondes-Vogue fashion editor Francesca Burns, music journalist Hanna Hanra and Luella Bartley, recently announced as Womenswear Design Director at Marc by Marc Jacobs – will discuss Debbie Harry, the style icon.

Ahead of this is ‘Blondieoke’ and screenings of ‘TV Party’ highlights and the film ‘Videodrome’. ‘Hairspray’ and ‘Wigstock’ will also be shown, while Sunday sees drummer Clem Burke in conversation with Katie Puckrik.

The action starts tomorrow – 5th July – and tickets can be found at the link below. 

Above is a selection of Debbie Harry highlights.


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