New minimalism from Jung Suh and Beyam Assefa.

What do Parsons students do when they finish college? Plenty become proper, household name designers (Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan and dropout Alexander Wang amongst them); the Steven Meisel’s and Ryan McGinley’s follow up in their fields and do likewise with photography.

In the case of Jung Suh and Benyam Assefa, footwear came calling, and thus the 2013 launch of No. 288. Fast forward two years and the label’s third collection is all subtle silhouettes, contemporary details and soft colours.

Predominantly sneaker focused, the new line-up (favourites pictured above) taps a minimalist aesthetic frequent in womenswear, here instead providing a strong catalogue for the men’s market.

An international affair – now based in New York, the designers hail from Seoul and Ethiopia respectively, while the shoes are produced in Portugal – No. 288’s AW15 collection is a bold revision of classic erring models.

Given names like ‘Houston’, ‘Bond’ and ‘Grand II’, leather is prioritised, craft referenced via texture, and shades of blue, nude and grey present throughout.

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