Not Another LFW Review #2

We sent along two guys who don't write about fashion to write about fashion.

Working at Warner Bros and The Official Charts Company respectively, Thom Denson and Danny Lovett are-they readily admit-not exactly au fait with the usual comings and goings at Somerset House during this time of the year. Denson, formerly of the band Kerouac, spends his days dealing with the press at Warner Bros while Danny-whose Twitter profile photo shows him pants around ankles, sat on the bog-is Chart Operations Assistant at The Official Charts Company; Alex Fury and Tim Blanks they are not.

Perfect! We thought, and sent them on their way to Orla Kiely and Bernard Chandran's Saturday afternoon shows. Here's the second of two…

Bernard Chandran, by Thom

I don’t get fashion.

You would just had to have taken one look at me to realise this. Dressed in my staple ensemble of plaid shirt and band tee coupled with my one pair of fully-intact jeans I made my way over to Somerset House, Mecca of London Fashion Week. Upon arrival I picked up my girlfriend, Aimi, and a pair of tickets for the Bernard Chandran show, one seated and one standing. Needless to say, to avoid a falling out, my girlfriend was given the seated ticket.

We made our way across a packed Covent Garden, the clash of it being the start of half term and LFW meant that this journey was pretty tricky to navigate, always a foot or two from standing on designer footwear or finding yourself in the middle of a street performance. The styles on show were, in hope of not offending, interesting. It got to the point where I genuinely believed a guy in full Spider-Man regalia was trying to pass himself off as a la mode, turned out he was just collecting for sick kids.

Once we’d completed our trek and arrived at Fashion Scout HQ we quickly found out that queuing for a fashion show for LFW is a no holds barred affair, I was definitely pushed around more than if I were at a heavy metal show. The crowd was made up of a lot of people being worn by their clothes – there was a lot of (IMO) unnecessary headwear, the guy in front of me narrowly missed me with his Maleficent-lite piece more than once and there were a lot of (completely) unnecessary sunglasses, late afternoon London in February is plenty dark enough for me, thanks.

Aimi, with her seated ticket was ushered forward by the clipboard holder and 15 minutes later me and the remaining throng of bloggers and blaggers were told that we wouldn’t be allowed in. After queuing 40 mins. After having a ticket. Turns out the lad, Chandran, is pretty popular.

So, to summarise, sorry Clash, I never made it into the show, the missus said it was OK though.

Bernard Chandran photo from Fashion Scout by Kris Elliott.

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