Not Another LFW Review #1

We sent along two guys who don't write about fashion to write about fashion.

Working at The Official Charts Company and Warner Bros respectively, Danny Lovett and Thom Denson are-they readily admit-not exactly au fait with the usual comings and goings at Somerset House during this time of the year. Denson, formerly of the band Kerouac, spends his days dealing with the press at Warner Bros while Danny-whose Twitter profile photo shows him pants around ankles, sat on the bog-is Chart Operations Assistant at The Official Charts Company; Alex Fury and Tim Blanks they are not.

Perfect! We thought, and sent them on their way to Orla Kiely and Bernard Chandran's Saturday afternoon shows. Here's the first of two…

Orla Kiely, by Danny

I had never been to a fashion show before and I didn't really know what to expect when I went along to Orla Kielys' exhibit. As I walked into the gallery, the first thing that was brought to my attention were two models, who were sat on old Triumph motorcycles, pouting, and striking poses. I have to be honest, being a bit of a fashion amateur, I completely forgot to look at their clothes, and was more so distracted by the table next to this which had a healthy selection of free alcohol. I stocked my bag up with a few cans of JD & Cokes, and grabbed a glass of champagne, then proceeded to go upstairs, where the main attraction was taking place.

The show itself was an interesting concept in which Kiely had built a set which was set out to look like a small office from the 1960's (I think, or maybe 70's?) with type writers, filing cabinets and paper trays etc all on display. The models were all pretending to be workers, sporting beehive hairstyles with high waisted skirts and blouses, walking between desks, miming and doing general work place activities.

A load of writing was getting projected on the back wall, but to be honest, I can't remember what any of it said… something to do with typewriters I think. I stuck around and watched the model/workers strut about for a bit before returning to the drinks table and topping my bag up for my Saturday night activities, and left with a general feeling that what I had just seen was 'pretty cool for a fashion show'.

Orla Kiely photo from Facebook by Morgan O’Donovan.

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