The sports giant taps functionality for a new collab.

There’s much to be said for the zip as a sartorial detail as much as an efficiency improving technical development, hence its use across the fashion industry as a note of both functionality and aesthetic pleasure.

For Nike’s latest collaborative effort then, the zip takes centre stage.

Hooking up with Acroynm, the Errolson Hugh co-founded cloth as machine contemporary label, the sports giant has come up with the NikeLab Lunar Force 1 x Acronym, debuting a new dual fastening model.

Says Hugh, a long time Nike collaborator, of the new look Lunar: “When we were approached by Nike to look at the Lunar Force 1, the first thing we asked ourselves was, ‘Why should we do this? What could we possibly bring to the table that Nike doesn’t already know how to do?’”

“In the end,” he continues, “we decided to approach it just like we approach the apparel, which means: Look at a problem, or look at an aspect of the functionality, and see if there’s a way we can improve it.”

And hence the arrival at the zip, as his team focused efforts on the putting on and removal of footwear. “You can tie the laces once, set the tension you want and you never have to deal with the laces again,” concludes Hugh, who introduced the collab with an Innovator Talk in London this week, “You just zip in and zip out.”

Rejecting moodboards and working instead with IRL fabrics, fixtures and trainers, the remodel, you’ll gladly learn, is as functional as it is Insta worthy.


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