The brand debuts a new strand of its Tech Pack series.

Say the word ‘fleece’ and images of country walks, wolf covered jackets and, if you’re feeling really literal, freshly shorn sheep, come into mind.

Fleeces were something you favoured as a kid, something your parents still wear when the weather gets chilly, something you’d only ever consider with a high fashion label pinned to its front.

Not so the case with Nike’s latest collection (apart from perhaps the fashion label bit). For Autumn Winter 13 the brand debuts a strong selection of its classic styles, all brought up to date with the edition of fleece. Really.

‘The FAHO13 Nike Tech Fleece Collection represents the next generation of classic sport apparel’ according to its makers. Cleverly using fleece for its positive qualities (warm and lightweight), the brand has slid it in-between stylish cotton for an easy to wear aesthetic. 

We'll let the video below help you out with the more technical aspects of the new collection.


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