My Crazy Scrunchie Do Topshop

MCS London debut at the store's flagship and tell us how they got there.

Once made famous by a girlfriend/boyfriend spat in a certain Sex & The City episode, the scrunchie has long been the bathroom secret of ladies the land over, stepping in only to accessorise a Croydon facelift. While some are still not convinced, a band of sisters have made it their job to return the scrunchie to the status it held across school playgrounds back in the 90s, and thus far (the) job is proving a gooden.

MCS LONDON (My Crazy Scrunchie, a reference to the Allison Anders directed ‘Mi Vida Loca’ from 1993), are Eugenia Simo Grijalbo and Laura Alfreda Fraser, two friends who between them have tried everything from studying Biomedicine to learning photography.

Already they’ve done the pop-up thing at Boxpark, created a series of MCS films starring the likes of Cara Delevigne, Clara Paget and Suki Waterhouse, and been selected to show a film at River Island’s Fash/On film event at London Fashion Week. Primarily stocked in Bleach-the Dalston salon that’ll give you My Little Pony hair if you get too close-the label is halfway through a two week trial with a stand at Topshop’s flagship in Oxford Circus. 

We sent some question their way and Eu kindly returned them, blanks filled.

What made you decide to go into the scrunchie business?
We've always loved scrunchies, Laura made one and gave it to me then I made one and gave it to her, then one thing took us to the other and here we are; trying to create an empire.

Did either of you have a favourite scrunchie-or hair accessory-as a child?
They used to put me ribbons and I used to hate to have my hair brushed. I always loved headbands to hide my self-cut fringe, also bandanas, wearing them like a pirate, and remember some of my mum's scrunchies that I loved!

You had a pop-up at Boxpark a few months ago, now you’re at Topshop. Is a scrunchie filled shop space the dream?
Yes it feels really good and weird, they look beautiful.

How did the pop-up at Topshop come about?
We had lunch with our friend Etty and she gave us the idea, then we sent them a presentation box and all that process…

And how’s it going so far?
Yes is been four days and I think is going pretty good.

Your films are great. Do you have any more planned?
Yes, we've got loads of projects that we want to get out but we are so busy that there is not enough hours for us!

It’s the Fashion in Film festival next week, will you be watching any films?
I personally didn't know that, although our film is going to be shown at Berlin Fashion Film festival which is very good!

Who’s your ideal MCS wearer?
I'd love to see Tania Stevens!

And finally, what are you listening to right now?
Nice up the dance, Get that Money – Ms. Thing is on repeat all the time!

Words: Zoe Whitfield

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