The label's latest campaign is a personal affair.

To the casual observer, the latest campaign from Monokel might appear somewhat odd: the Swedish eyewear label has shot a selection of sunglasses indoors at nightfall. For many of us, two things said product rejects are being inside and coming out when it’s dark – sunglasses are the third best emoji for shouting about the summer on social media, surely?

But there’s more than meets the eye in this scenario, and the clue’s in the name.

The whole shebang has been shot in a disused bus garage at Tegelviksgatan in southern Stockholm, now a creative mecca for young artists, small businesses, and home to Monokel since day dot.

“Our main theme for the season is to investigate how the human brain is effected by our physical surroundings,” explains co-founder Robert Sandgen. “This building is our home and it has shaped Monokel Eyewear in so many ways. I even lived here for a while when we worked around the clock to get Monokel Eyewear started a few years back.”

Due for demolition next year, the Brutalist building, like several of those here playing model, makes for a suitably personal connection that adds a further depth to the new imagery.

As for the frames, new styles include the ‘Cleo’ and ‘Nalta, the former boasting an exaggerated silhouette, the latter a more understated offering.


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